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This forum is to show off my work done over a period of time.
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 Fifa Badge + Avatars

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PostSubject: Fifa Badge + Avatars   Thu May 20, 2010 2:11 am

Hey Sando, Any chance you could change/make a few things for me.

Firsty our Badge we're wanting just something abit different to our one at the moment and also a different colour scheme. We're wanting it to be red, black and white but mainly red and black with touches of white if thats possible. The orginal is here in our official thread if its of any help.. > But have abit of a fiddle and see what you can come up with.

Also wanting some new Avatars like your Jooblo ones if possible (3D look to them). We'd like the top to be red with black lines going dow the arms (Once again, like your jooblo ones) and the numbers and names as follows.

Rattle 7
Snodgrass 10
Adam 8
Monkey 69
Marty 23

May need some more but i'll edit if i do. Also any chance you could create 2 big kits to go under our new badge aswell same style as the avatar kits but just home shirt Red/Black and away shirt Red/White with the sponser Xbox 360 and our badge which you'll make.

Think i've asked too much here but if you can't do it i understand, Cheers in advance if you can though.
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Fifa Badge + Avatars
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