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This forum is to show off my work done over a period of time.
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 Requests FAQ

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PostSubject: Requests FAQ   Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:52 pm

Some General Information regarding requests.

  1. In order for you to post a requests in the desired Thread you will have to register.

  2. Please provide as much information / pictures / mottos etc that you would like to be included within your requests

  3. Be patient

  4. Do not be impolite

  5. Remember I do this because im a Nerd and I enjoy it.

  6. Im under no obligation to do any of these requests so dont start "expecting".

  7. Requests will be completed in order of them being put to me.

  8. After complition I will contact you to let you know Ive finished.

The request Thread can be found here...Requests

Thats about it for now.
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Requests FAQ
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