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This forum is to show off my work done over a period of time.
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 Brief Introduction.

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PostSubject: Brief Introduction.   Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:08 am


Thanks for visiting my preview Forum, my name is Sando and I'm putting this forum together mainly to showcase the work I have done over a long period of time with graphics/photoshop/CS etc.

Everything you see within this forum is self taught, im not a designer, programmer or even very good at art, plenty of trial and error went/goes into everything posted in here.

The Forum is currently under construction and new content and sections will be added in the coming days/weeks

The purpose of this forum was to allow me to keep up to date with requests pms etc as on my old thread found over on the EU community forums I was quite simply losing track.

When the general structure is laid out I will be opening up a requests thread, for anyone who would like me to try something for them, but for now its mainly a showcase due to other forums limited capacity for viewing and editing image threads.

Please be polite and respect others within this forum as I dont really tolerate asshats.

Thanks for reading,

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Brief Introduction.
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